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Courses Description

    Studienkolleg in Germany is an educational institution for students who don’t qualify to pursue their undergraduate studies in Germany. It helps to bright the gap between the learning process in theirhome country and the learning process in Germany. If you have earned a school leaving certificate in your home country and the learning process in Germany. If you have earned school leaving certificate which entitles you to go to universities in your home country which is however not Recognized as a Higher education entrance qualification in Germany than you must attend a studienkolleg before you commence your studies.

    If you’ve successfully completed your final exam in studienkolleg which is “SESTSTELLUNGSERUFUNG” (FSP), then you are free to pursue your Bachelors (U.G courses) inGermany. Either you can opt for studienkolleg in Germany or you can pursue one-yearcourse (which is equivalent to studienkolleg) in your home country and then pursue your bachelor’s in Germany. Basically, at any rate after having passed the “FESTSTELLUNGSPRUFUNG”. You qualified to study at any university in Germany. The competence profile of studienkolleg provided university applicants, Lecturers, qualified expends in education or the interested general public with information about guidelines and the conception of education and Teaching at the studienkolleg .

  • 1.self, conception of the studienkollegs within the scope of competence oriental The studienkolleg are an institution for international university applicants. In addition to conveying sound specialized knowledge and the classes promote the acquisition of general and specialist competence and language proficiency fundamental for successfully completing a degree program.
  • There are two kind of studienkolleg they are either affiliated with a university or a university of applied sciences. If you have successfully passed the final exams at a university studienkolleg so, you can study at university. If you pass the exams at a studienkolleg connected to a university of applied sciences, you are usually not qualified to study at university to study at university, but can only study at a university of applied science. Graduations of studienkolleg can apply to study in all Germany.

    There is also a different between private and state running state run studienkollegs . state-run studienkollegs are usually tuitions free and their degree is usually valid to study anywhere in Germany.
  • Mainly the university studienkollegs offer the following specialized courses as preparation for study at top university.

    M-course: – For medical, biology and pharmaceutical degree.
    T-course: – For mathematical, science or technical degree.
    w-course: – For Business, economic and social science degree.
    G- course: – For humidity degree or German studies.
    S-course: – For language Degree.

    The university of applied sciences studienkolleg offer the following specialized courses as preparation for studying.

    IT-courses: – For technical and engineering Degrees.
    WW-course: – For economic and business Degree.
    GD-course: – For Deign and art degree.
    SW-course: – For social science degree