Living in Germany

For international students , life in Germany offers a lot of attractions. The beautiful country with picturesque landscape is home to people from across the globe.Germany represents all that is beautiful , people move to Germany due to the excellent standard of living, the evolved and steady job market, and because it is one of the largest and strongest economies of the world.Museums galore, objects of art and cultural heritage, architectural marvels, all this and more contribute to the attributes of life in Germany for students and expats.Being a popular tourist destination also adds to Germany's attraction .
Having four proper seasons Germany has great weather as well , besides the cost of living in Germany is reasonable, with a number of interesting activities for students ,with a vibrant city life and breathtaking countryside Germany offers student life like no other destination.
Full time Jobs and stay back post education is also relatively easy in Germany leading to a good proportion of their workforce from various countries worldwide.


Germany is a huge country and each place has a district atmosphere and opportunities, so, living in Germany cheap as compared to other European nations. The Euro is the official currency of Germany. So, the 1st few days after arrival, one can opt for a hotel which cost around -is euro on an average for a furnished room. However, the cost of living Germany also depends on the location of the hotel.While staying in Germany for work, you can avail the great opportunity to come to know people from the different cultures, nationalities and religions and also Engaging’s oneself in a cultural body or staff.

Cheap Living Cost

Renting place to live is a good option as renting are cheapest in Germany that’s why most of the Germans choose renting their accommodation rather buying a place to live. one can find a place for living in Germany in the classified section of newspapers and before travelling into a new place you need to get yourself registered new place you need to get yourself registered at the local registry office, which is necessary. One need to produce his/her identification documents and letter of Acceptance, issued from the university where you have been enrolled.
Health facilities
We at the European Study believe that each and every calibrated individual irrespective of their financial background and cultural ethnicity deserves an opportunity to attain guidance from the academic stalwarts of this generation and acquire intellectual credentials from the best institutions in the world.
Money & Banking
According to global place index Germany is the most peaceful country which ranks it on 15th position better than many European countries which forming it a more suitable destinations for foreign students who plans pursue higher studies abroad. And also, one can also find easy banking options. As one can easily open account in a German bank by providing them with one’s passport and certificate of residence in Germany. There are different easy options available for the purpose of competing in the country.
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  • Diverse Community.

    Living in another country, or even another continent brings a major educative as well as personal change in one’s outlook. Germany is one such place where this change always happens for the better with its refined culture, languages and tradition.

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