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  • Are there any advantages of Medical Specialization in Germany? If yes, who can do this medical training?

    What is the Recognition Process in Germany? What documents do I need?

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    What is the structure of the Medical Specialization Training in Germany? What is the procedure to apply?

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  • Who can do Medical Training in Germany?
    Physicians who have completed their medical degree outside Germany, in the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA), or even outside of EU and EEA, can still practice medicine in Germany.
What documents do you need?
  • ~ Application form provided by Approbation authority;

    ~ Identity proof (identity card of any legally recognized institution or passport);

    ~ A brief of all the trainings and past work experiences in a table format – a copy of the degrees and certificates of merit whenever necessary and appropriate;

    ~ Certificates regarding additional training and practice;

    ~ Certificate expressing that you are allowed to practice your profession in your country;

    ~ An affirmation that you intend to practice so in Germany (does not apply to degrees obtained in the EU/ EEA/Switzerland);
We Offer You
  • Our conceptions are Methodist into a module system which stretches over a period of 18 months. However it is contingent on your language and professional skills, i.e., the period can be shortened. Doctors from both European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) are eligible for this, although non-EU doctors have to go through some further legal processes relating residence, employment and license to practice their profession.

    We offer a service that encompasses every tiny detail that will be helpful in your career and support you until you receive a license to practice. We provide a German Intensive Course for you to master your German and a special module — ‘German For Doctors’. This supports you during the intercultural integration process and as well as job and residence application.